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How are we doing now then?

Thursday 14th July 2016.

Printer is now working as it should. A load off my mind.

Web site sales are still low, but getting better. I really need to figure out how to use Facebook as a marketing tool (and not to let everyone know what I had for breakfast). I'm sure it would drive more sales my way.
Really trying to think of ideas for a more unique type of printed product. I was trying to develop some printed 'stained glass' effect prints on transparent/opaque films for patio doors and conservatories. Apparently, birds keep flying into the glass because they don't see it is there. So these stickers should help reduce that.
I printed several test pieces, but never really got around to finish testing or advertising any the ones I did complete. Really should get back on that.

Also halfway developing my canvas printing. I have loads of designs and quite a lot of finished items (see here for a smattering of what I have so far). I'm intending to make and display them at local markets.

And then finally, there's the hydro dipping. I just seem to be so pressed for time that I've been letting this side of things slide for a week or two now. Which is not good as I've got a horde of people knocking down my door to get things dipped.

I suppose I really need to prioritise a bit better. Or get someone in to help me. I could really do with an honest hard working person, with computer art design skills and physically adept. I also have an Aston Martin on that wish-list. One place above the worker as I think it might be more achievable.

And to finish, a nice little joke I heard that made me smile.

A man goes to the doctors complaining of hearing problems.

The doctor says 'Can you describe the symptoms'?

And the man says 'Yeah. Homer is a fat guy and Marge has blue hair'!

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