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Relocated.. AGAIN!!

canvas Crewe Enhance with vinyl Nantwich Road printing relocation retail shop

So, here I am, in my own shop (3 year lease and fixed rent for that period) typing my latest blog. The address and details are available on my contact page, so feel free to drop in if you're local and reading this.

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How are we doing now then?

Thursday 14th July 2016. Printer is now working as it should. A load off my mind. Web site sales are still low, but getting better. I really need to figure out how to use Facebook as a marketing tool (and not to let everyone know what I had for breakfast). I'm sure it would drive more sales my way.Really trying to think of ideas for a more unique type of printed product. I was trying to develop some printed 'stained glass' effect prints on transparent/opaque films for patio doors and conservatories. Apparently, birds keep flying into the glass because they...

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First blog - WTF do I say?

So, my first blog. I never thought I would ever become a 'blogger'. In honesty, as this is only my first attempt, I'm not even sure I have the right to call myself a blogger. But I've worked very hard at trying to build my business and am still in the process of doing so. As such, based on the huge number of SEO experts who claim that  "backlinks created from your own blog generates more traffic to your site", Here I am. But what do you actually say in these things? Do people really want to hear my personal...

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