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The EU referendum, MotoGP and my latex printer going... belly up!

Well, I posted my first blog last week and thought I'd follow up with a few comments on events that I'm interested in that have occurred since then.

EU refrendum

So, we had the EU referendum last Thursday and the UK people voted to leave.

However, I have seen an online petition requesting that the vote be taken again. Why? We voted once and the decision was made. What happens if the vote goes the same way? More petitions until the people who disagree with the result eventually get the vote going the way they wanted? Democracy at it's best.


Oh Vale, what happened? A massive opportunity thrown down the road.

Okay, after seeing countless replays of the crash, I can see that there was no warning and no way of saving it, but again, a massive opportunity missed.
If Rossi had stayed on and won, and even if Miller hadn't passed Marquez, Rossi would have only been 17 points behind Marquez and would have been in front of his team mate Lorenzo. Still, Coulda, woulda, if and but. Still fell off and really left himself with an almost impossible task ahead. But never say never.

My latex printer

So, Wednesday afternoon, printing off several orders and going along quite nicely until a print came off with banding and fading colour. Clean the printheads and print again. Uh-oh, just as bad.
Try again. Even worse. Looks like the light cyan printhead has given up the ghost. Again.
I replaced it a couple of weeks ago and it failed after only printing a very small amount of ink. Got it replaced under warranty, but it just failed again. Upon further investigation, it appears that there is an issue with the whole of the light cyan channel.

Called the engineers and arranged for them to be here this morning. Unfortunately, just had a call. They don't have the required ink and can't get here until tomorrow. Don't think my customers really care and probably won't accept that as an excuse from me <sigh>

Oh well, press on.